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no grains! no sugar! No Dairy!

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grain free foods

Avocado Mayo

The first keto diet, paleo, primal, and real-food friendly range of mayonnaise in the UK.

Organic Microgreens

100% fresh. Harvested before delivery to ensure the highest nutrient values.

Organic Ghee

100% natural healthy cooking oil and excellent butter substutute.

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primal blog

This is one of the best organic, natural and made with real ingredient family business.When you open their products you can feel you are genuinely eating handmade products.I can't recommend it enough! The service is 5 stars and the customer service is excellent.

E.S. London

Wonderfull delivery service of healthy keto food. I love the keto cookies and bread, I 100% recommend.

H.W. Skipton
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