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baked rainbow ratatouille

Day 10: Eat the Rainbow!

Continuing my dairy free, zero white refined sugar, grain-free, gluten free journey. I am posting recipes, ideas and little bits of inspiration but would also love to hear from anyone else on this journey back to health. You can post in the comments below. After that England defeat last night, how are you doing?

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grain free bread

Day 9: Smoothie Bowls and Sunshine Dressing

ay 9 meals were super easy. For breakfast I toasted up slices of grain free bread and topped with some home made hummus and smoked salmon. Lunch was leftover turkey burgers with salad, sweet potato chips and what looks like a bowl of sunshine

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acai berry smoothie bowl

Acai Berry Smoothie Bowl with Collagen

Perfect for a late Summer Supper or an early morning breakfast! This is a simple, quick make using acai powder, collagen, frozen berries combined with avocado and coconut milk. Top with any combination you choose

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daughters of the red tent

Day 8 Onwards and Upwards!

It turns out the decision to stop running for ten days floored me. Note to Self, never underestimate the power of exercise and movement to make a difference in life! My mood flatlined for a while and it has been a challenge to push myself back on track but important too to share this part of the journey too.

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anti-inflammatory turmeric dressing

Anti-Inflammatory Turmeric Dressing

This dressing is a delicious addition to the range of good anti-inflammatory foods. Quick and easy to prepare, the dressing combines turmeric, avocado and oil with lemon zest to create a slightly tart but very more-ish dressing. Highly recommended!

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bbq sauce

BBQ Sauce (with Berries)

Simple tangy flavours and a lovely sweetness too. AIP-friendly if you choose a Worcestershire sauce that is compliant – or make your own (recipe to follow soon).

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kate and michael oliver

Day 5: Dairy Free: Wild Geese, Anniversaries & Chips

Woke early, no headache, pushed foot gently our from under covers and marginal improvement, no limping when getting out of bed, its a start! Hurrah! Is it the new way of eating? Is it the fact that I have not run for a week? Who knows! But things are definitely looking up 🙂

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gluten free blog

Teriyaki Sauce Recipe

A simple home made Teriyaki Sauce made with all AIP (auto-immune protocol) friendly ingredients. Sauces make a meal, don’t you think? Add this real food sauce to paleo power bowls, fish suppers and stir fries.

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