Healthy Recipes

Healthy recipes

keto pretzels

Make Keto Pretzels

Another healthy alternative to bread for the keto diet, great to tear and share. Keto pretzels are delicious to serve with a healthy sausage platter. This recipe creates 6 soft and chewy pretzels that are deliciously more-ish especially served hot from the oven! To make 6 keto pretzels you will need: 2 cups of almond …

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keto pretzels

Make Keto Bagels

Possibly the best Keto Bagel ever! Its an easy home-bake, topped with a lovely onion bagel seasoning mix for added taste and texture and we are delighted to share the recipe with you below.. Keto-friendly, gluten-free, slice and fill with cream cheese, ham and crisp green salad leaves for an easy packed lunch! For the …

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keto pretzels

Make Keto Pizzas

Simple keto pizzas are back on the menu. We used five easy ingredients (plus our Primal Alternative keto-friendly pizza bases) to create this super simple supper. Order now and keep a supply of our extra special keto pizza crust in the freezer and you will never have an excuse why not to stay on track …

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keto pretzels

Make Chicken Pot Pie

An easy to make gluten-free recipe, using our grain-free, gluten-free pastry, and a simple creamy home-made chicken pie filling. Looking up from my worktop this morning, I can see it has started to snow and hail – hard shards of frozen rain battering the pavement. There‚Äôs a seemingly never-ending chain of folk past my window, …

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