Keto Bread UK - Low Carb

Keto Bread UK - Low Carb


Fat and Seedy Keto Loaf – Ketogenic Low Carb Bread

Our popular keto bread with only 1g of carbs per slice has it all, could it be the best keto bread you’ve been waiting for?

Nutritious, healthy whole food ingredients are at the heart of our keto bread recipe – low carb, paleo, and keto diet bread, all wrapped up in one!

Real Food recipe with Whole Food Ingredients: Only 1g carb, nutrient-dense, and satisfying, this amazing keto bread loaf is definitely on the menu as a nutritious wheat alternative for those on a paleo, keto low carb lifestyle.

Life is definitely easier with a loaf of Keto Bread UK in the cupboard!

Suitable for vegetarians and GAPS, it’s also a very credible Low FODMAP bread. A tasty and satiating high protein keto bread.

Each low carb loaf typically produces 13 slices including 2 Crusts.

Never get caught short, our healthy loaf is also available as a  home bake recipe kitKeto Bread Mix.

    • Weight 750g

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